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tv   Today  NBC  October 16, 2015 10:00am-11:00am CDT

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this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. mello, everybody, i krou . hello, everybody. you made it to tryday friday. >> and this is the eve of my siser the's birthday. >> the eve. october. >> exactly. >> and who is back for good? >> who who? >> bobbie thomas, and she is back with her precious baby miles. and look at that bow tie. >> bobbie, he has to be on everyday. every single day. >> oh, yes! [ laughter ] >> that is the way we like it, b.t. if you are thinkinging of sprucing
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our show has the best timing. >> no, the worst which makes it the best. >> bobbie, we love miles. >> and he has been freshly nursed. >> oh, yes. >> and now, if you are thinking of sprucing up the home for fall, wait until you see what hgtv magazine has done for you. they have pieces that you can purchase for the slice of the price of their more expensive counterparts. >> and remember, that we said that we love celeste and mark hood and that battle and remember we said that the we want her to come on to show. >> yes. >> and we can't wait for her to come on the show, and she made everybody tear up, and she is on the show. >> and we are going to grab her up. and we have a delightful brunch for us with this international delight.
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delight has put on a quiz to ask you we questions like, what is your perfect autumn activity. >> nonef of their business. >> and what is your favorite dream place? >> we won't tell. >> and now, you can transform every moment into unbelievable experiences, and you are not afraid to push the envelope. >> that is kelly ripa and not me. and this is french vanilla, baby and you are elegant and understated. when it comes to the movies and the classics, you are all mixed up. hoda has the understated because in hoda's world traditional is timeless. what! >> when you said boring, i was
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"snl "snl" skit. >> you can take the quiz and create your own personal hashtag. >> international delight. >> some of them did not fit us perfectly. >> and so in is supposed to be a tearjerker, and this is an ad for a girl and a guy and their gum and it is guaranteed to the give you the warm and fuzzies. >> i am in. >> and shows them through life. take a look. should i say it would be a sin if i can't help falling in
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like my whole life too for i can't help falling in love with you >> i love that. >> hoda is crying and i'm going what the heck is that? [ laughter ] >> i thought that you were crying, too. >> no, for other reasons. >> and the knee there, and that beautiful song was sung by american idol's haley reinhart,
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>> and i love the pan taentatonix. >> yes, i love them, too. >> and i was on a plane, but they were wanting to us sing a long, but it was that we were afterthought afterthought. >> and so kathy ryan shot it, and so, here is the final thought. >> don't blink. it don't matter if you are way off track seems like you are headed for a heart attack breathe it and singing woo woo woo sing for your mama sing for your daughters sing for your best friend's -- it is called sing and hoda did not sing. >> i did sing, and they didn't use it. wait, that is it? the whole thing?
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had a couple of nice movies. >> wait, they can borrow this one. all right. good. i will remember that was time well spent. all right. so -- >> they will be here next week, hoda. >> they are. okay. we will talk the to them then. >> okay. all righty then. there are segues and then a swag-way. >> and there are ways to get around airports and they are like the hoverboard meets the scoot scooter. >> meets an accident. >> and it can ride over 10 miles per hour, and okay, what is happening. okay. go to the live version. >> i got it! >> on the way. >> what! >> how is that? >> amazing. and watch, circles. >> it doesn't --
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>> it say ss that it could handle all terrains. can it? >> yeah, totally. someone help me to get back on. >> look at how you hold your hands there. look. forward you honestly don't have to think about it. >> how funny, you are leaning. >> you just channel it. see, look. >> you know what i want you to channel, alex? >> what? >> we want you to channel a spam treat while you are doing it. >> spamming and swagging. hmm. all right. >> how is it? >> it is good. >> that one is a -- that's a classic. here, try a teriyaki. >> you work up an appetite doing this. >> and then teriyaki. >> okay. >> good. nice talking to you, alex. >> okay. >> bye. >> and these are $2.39 a pouch and they are called spam bites.
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>> people like spam or don't. my mother loved spam. i will send it to her. >> and did you do everything to it? >> yes. >> did she fry it? >> everything. she could have written a spam cookbookment okay it is time for the friday funny. a man came home one day to find a note he left her on the refrigerator and he said, it is not working anymore and i can't take it it anymore and went to stay with my sister. she opened up the fridge and checked the beer that it was cold and didn't know what happened. >> i didn't get it at first. >> it takes a minute to sink in, but i don't get it. >> you see this lady left -- >> all right. okay or not okay, hoda woman?
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that some celebs are wearing tee t-shirts with messaging that may be targeted to the ex, and we asked is it okay or not okay to wear a t-shirt targeted at an ex. >> i can't explain why some people do what they are doing, hoda, but when i am hurting, i keep it private. >> if the message or intent is to get the message across, just make sure when you are going to the gym to choose your clothes wisely. >> what is that having to do the >> don't wear the t-shirt that says, i don't like you. >> who are you? >> that did not make any sense at all. nothing has made sense on this show at all. all right. don't be left out in the cold. we have the hottest trend ss for coats for men and women. >> and could you tell the difference of the expensive and inexpensive decor.
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>> high/low. i don't know if you've ever taken the time to learn a little tiny bit of somebody else's native tongue? that opens up the doors to trust. my name is kanyon. i'm a technician here in portland oregon. every morning, i give each one of my customers a call to give them a closer eta. and when i called this customer, i discovered that he was deaf. then i thought of amanda. i've known american sign language since i was about 8 years old. it's like music for your eyes. and i thought that was an amazing gift to have, to be able to communicate with the deaf. my friend kanyon asked me to help him explain how today's appointment will go. he was nodding his head and giggling a little bit.
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if you have been thinking off redecorating your home and you don't want to spend a lot of money, you need to take some notes. >> you can save thousands of dollars by know inging what trends to look for and where where to shop. and here to give you some inspiration is a game called
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sara peterson from "hgtv" magazine. and you can save a pretty penny. >> yes, and many of them, the prices have dropped. so we will play, and you are to guess which is high and which is low. i will give you a hint. here is the modern take the on the classic director's chair. they are both white leather, and they are both stainless steel base, and same materials. this is fancy tufting, and this is very nice stitching okay across the back. okay. >> this one. >> that is right. this is the high at $620. >> okay. how much is the low one? >> $190. you are touch it, and looking it, and looking at it.
10:15 am
and worth it. >> and this is maybe more than one, and here is the chance. >> you really have one of those? >> oh, yeah. it is not gold. but it is right next to my couch. it is like a little table to put your cup on. >> this is resin, and plastic, and this is made of real wood and paper. >> so which is the more expensive. you have to guess. this is more bark detail and knots on it, and little more shiny over here. >> careful, camera angle. >> okay. >> all right. this is the bargain. the low, $99. >> okay! >> and the real one is lower and the high one had real gold leaf on it, and a give away, and luxe gold leaf and more bling and more ka-ching, right. and these are the two side table, and this is obvious lyly a
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little larger, and three leg, and four leg, and finial detail on that one and shinier there and more matte, and that is stainless steel and this is aluminum. >> all right. >> and the materials, and you would be checking this out in the store, and touching it and lifting it up. >> no, i will say this is high, and this is low. >> and sometimes the smaller is more. dainty. >> am i right? >> no. good try. good try. they rare very close. this is $100, and this is the low and this is $310. >> they are almost ringers. it is great. >> this is a pair of chic desk lamps, and so this is a concrete plate and brass finish. this is the marble base and brass finish. they both have the brushed bronze and brass look, and very trendy right now. >> that is high, and that is low.
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>> i got you both. this is the bargain. this is the low. $6 2 >> good for them. >> and this is $247 at shop kand candelabra candelabra. >> what is that? >> hexgons. now. >> they are? >> yes, you see them out there, and shop hexgons, and $138 with the embroidery and the details matter, and i love the water color. and $28 for this one. >> where? >> you could have five of these and one of those. >> okay. >> and nesting bowls, and colorful, and every kitchen needs them. a set of five.
10:18 am
earthenware and stoneware. these are call ded the wobble-ables. the wobblers are the high. >> how much is this? >> $40 for five here for the low and the wobblers are higher. and this is materials that you have to look for. this is the hinged. >> i like that one. >> this is wood. >> yes. that has some kind of wood inside. >> yes. i will go low with this one. >> just for fun. >> okay. >> and kathie lee has got it, low, $29. pretty good. >> that is really good. >> and this is high because of the inside.
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>> thank you. >> and bobbie is back and buzzing with items for the new parents and their loved ones. so precious. [ horn honks melody ] well, well. if it isn't the belle of the ball. gentlemen. you look well. what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now? it gives you coverage options based on your budget. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at so, you can't use it to just buy stuff? no. i'm sorry, gustav. we have to go back to the pet store. [ gustav squawks ] he's gonna meet us there. the name your price tool. still only at sfx: stomach growling now i feel better. mmm yoplait my budget used to keep me up at night. how you gonna pay for the kid's new dell laptop for school? and the... hey, chill out!
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i'll take dinner in my room, with chocolate milk. make pasta tastier with johnsonville italian sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. the time has finally come for "bobbie's buzz." >> our editor and bobbie thomas is back with her adorable baby boy miles who is showing us the must-have s must-haves for new moms and dads. >> i can't get over baby miles. so cute. >> i have been inundated with the amazing questions and
10:23 am
i have received. out of aulll of the things on the registry, it was amazing to find the mini classy. these pant ss are the hem drop down, and the dipapers can fit there in the roomy dropped crotch. and now, listen, i h thithink that my belly has delivered a miracle, but these are the mo the ther tucker leggings. >> wait, miles is having a moment. >> oh, me liked that. >> as you can see how big he is. >> okay. one myinute left and ladies, everything is online if you want to have more information. and these are like maxi pads for the boobs, and these are scarves
10:24 am
many thicks with them and t the prints are cool and not just pink and blue. and the next to, get some stuff to protect you in the tub, i have them online, the whole nursery is stoke, but i love this bathtub, because the best part is that it folds up. and for a new york city apartment and any arewhere in between between, i am stoked on that. all righty. thank you. for everybody young and old and in between, we have you covered. >> oh, miles! i thought activia was for big digestive issues. until i realized our body handles a lot. 1,100 meals a year... 730 rushed snacks... add 300 stressful decisions... no wonder our digestive system sometimes acts up. so try activia! enjoying activia twice a day for 4 weeks may help reduce
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it's tryday friday and now
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cooling down, it is time to find some ways to stay warm. >> if you are ul pg out the same fall jacket that you wore in college, it is time to uptate the look. here are with some hot new looks is stylist brittany levine. how are you? >> very well. and happy it is friday. >> that time of year to buy some new coat, and if you are a slim figured girl, there is a certain type of coat that you should have? is. >> yes, e definitely. we have opted for a longer double-breasted coat both in the h &m and this the suede, and this is the blast from the past fashion coming back. and so imitation stwad and we love this look. again, longer and tapered for her body frame to cinch in the waist. >> and what about laura? >> she has one are from macy's, and that is $139.99, and we love the mustard color from fall, and it is very, very nice, and it is
10:30 am
embrace this season. >> move on to the curvy girls. >> yes. >> and how are you? >> these are screaming apple picking and fall football and this is what i would wear, and this is from ashley stewart and a great site for women who love their curves and want to the play them up. this is cinched in with a leather belt, and plaid is huge. don't be after raid of color. >> and look at e mocha. what a cool hood back there. >> and this is from >> wait, wait, venus? venus williams? >> no, >> and my daughter turned me on to that, and it is so amazing. >> it is just the site name. this is incredible, and it is under $100. >> what? >> and it is really amazing, and i am loving this. $96 and perfect. >> you guys look really cute. how about the petite girls?
10:31 am
a petite woman. and olga looks absolutely gorgeous, and vests are huge for fall, but this is giving awe the look of the faux fur vest, with the leather detailing on the sleeve. you don't want to drown in it, and you have to make sure that the hemline is catered to the waist and goes down the sleeve and also from >> and faux fur. faux fur. >> yes. >> and we love it. and the pregnant ladies, you have on a sleeveless coat, and is that hot? >> yes. >> that is perfect for you, hoda, with the hot flashes. >> yes, i am burning up in this thing. >> and this is a transitional piece and you can layer it. >> and the mom-to-be. >> when are you due? >> in december and she is wearing the mulier cozy joey coat.
10:32 am
and so it progresses with the terms of small, medium and large. and jen has two children, and just gave birth and she is going to get some air out on the town, and we have an option to put your baby there in the coat. >> now you are going crazey. >> and three-in-one, and good for all seasons. that is what i enjoy in a garment. >> and now over to the boys. >> the bomber jacket. and benny, benny, benny. >> and benny is looking great. military green is a big trend that we are seeing from aeropostale. >> that is very soft as well, and $45. a lot of them were high end and so we were able to find a great price range. >> what is alex wearing? >> he is showcasing the
10:33 am
took the hm faux underpiece and put the suede jacket on top. so layering the pieces. >> and eric, look at you. >> eric is the dapper gentleman, and wearing ale wool coat from h&m wool coat. >> it is justin bieber and david beckham, and you have to make sure that it comes out above the knee to not drown out the body figure. >> and this is from jessica simlepson here shgs, and something like $99. >> yes, it is a swing coat. >> and t.j. maxx, and something to go to. >> they are all adorable, and thank you, honey. >> it was a battle round that blew everybody away, including us.
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all right. if you watched "the voice" monday night or the show the next day, you saw the battle round that knocked everybody's socks off including the the judges. >> and team pharrell had a battle that gwen stefani said it was the best battle round ever. ain't no mountain high enough ain't no river low enough that will keep me from you ain't no mountain high enough
10:39 am
ain't no valley low enough >> sing it! >>. ain't no river wide enough to keep me from getting to you babe >> i love it. and celeste was sent home, but here. >> and by the way, when they sent you home, kath and i both said, we have to have cles on the show, because your career is just beginning, and we can feel it. >> thank you all so much, and i am so humbled to be here. >> tell us about you, you are from alabama, and where? >> a little town called ozark, and my patients were military and my mom retired in that area, and so we we moved around a little bit, but we settled in ozark, alabama, and i went to middle school and high school there and grajduated from college there at an area university. i married my husband and moving around since. >> and you have a couple of children, and sometime thats that will take you off of the
10:40 am
course and put it back on the center lane. >> yes, i am in blessed to be in a position where my husband is behind me and pushing me and it is opening the door to allow me to be free to do one of those things, and this is one of the humongous opportunities that the lord opened up for me, and i walked on through it. >> exciting. >> at the end of the battle round when they opened up and chose the other guy, and you sang to pharrell, kath and i had tears in our eyes. >> thou has taught me to say it is love with my soul >> and you know the story of that whole hymn. and look up what happens with "it is well with my soul" and the worst tragedy that could
10:41 am
happen with a man and as he is watching, it is the whole family and i think that i am telling the whole story, and he is able to watch it and say, whatever happens, and whatever comes because of the lord in my life, it is well worth the lord in my soul. >> kath is surely right about that story, and if not, it is really excellent. >>well, it might have been. >> and se lest, i wish you very much luck and keep us posted on >> i will. us? >> i will. >> and you are precious, and and you can catch the "the voice" on mondays 8:00 and tuesdays 8:00 central. and coming up next, we we
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time to treat ourselves with delightful brunch with our contributor today sponsored pi international delight. >> and seer ri is going to be making pumpkin stuffed french toast, but first we start with a pumpkin frappe. >> frappe. >> oh, okay. and morning coffee is my sacred time and i am so happy to share these recipes to use your everyday coffee creamer in easy
10:46 am
this is the frappe, and we will add everything into the blender. we will add the milk and cream, a ndnd for this particular recipe, we are using the french vanilla creamer. >> i love that one. >> and shall we we pour it in? >> yes. >> and grab the iced cubes and the peppermint extract and chocolate chips. >> that's it? >> yes. isn't that easy, and blend it together. and the fun thing to do, kathie, if you want to get the lid off, and this is a little treat. white chocolate curls makes it fancier. so all you do is to take a white chocolate bar and take your peeler, and you will get the curls that you can put on top of the drink. >> yeah. okay. this is awesome and look at that. >> it is still icy. >> and that is why we have these bu
10:47 am
beauty ones right here. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> and okay. you hold it here. >> exactly. >> and these are pumpkin stuffed french toast. >> you know why i love it, because it is not real sweet, and it is delicious. >> yes, nice and refreshing. and for the pumpkin phrenfrench toast, we will like the pumpkin pie creamer, which is one of my favorites and the filling is the creamed cheese and pumpkin pie creamer. >> not that much. >> just a fourth cup, and the purr rae and you can use the fresh stuff or the canned. and brown sugar and ground pumpkin pie spice. >> and mush it up. >> yes. >> and i cannot believe that your kids do not like it. >> yes shgs, they don't like sweets for breakfast. >> no. what time does the sweet thing kick in? >> well, they would have skittles for breakfast. >> what about carson? >> no, no, he is more like, this is all me. all right. here we go.
10:48 am
it is all ready, and the trick to make it stuffed is that you take a knife and sort of cut 3/4 of the way. >> okay. >> and pull it back. and don't cut yourself, and pull it back. and take about, and i would say a heaping tablespoon and stuff it right in there. >> okay. >> and then what? >> okay. then we have eggs and more pumpkin pie spiced creamer, and you whip it together. >> whip it, hoda. >> whip, whip. >> and i have seen them do it. >> i am enjoying this frappe very much. >> and okay. we have these back here. and they go about two minutes per side. >> should we taste it? >> ooh, those are looking good. >> hoda, can you have it, because it has cream cheese in it. >> i will try it, who cares. >> okay. top it with the powdered sugar and pecans.
10:49 am
>> what is that? >> caramel mach yaw toe cheesecake bar, and you can find
10:50 am
>> we will be back w we have had one great week, with rumor willis, and keanu reeve was here and the beautiful gabrielle union was here. >> and she is beautiful and so much going on professionally and personally. and when gabrielle got married she was an instant mom to dwyane wade's ndnd making family so important to her. >> and got involved with the tylenol family campaign to help
10:51 am
provide money to kid ss in need. >> and speaking of kids in need, and remember that sassy girl jo-jo? >> yes. >> this is a viral explaining to her dad how to e behave in a wed weddinging. >> you can't call my name when i walk down the isle. no one can call us, because we are going to be busy walking down the isle. and dad, you can't do that, you do not understand what what, at all. okay. you don't understand that. >> she is either going to win an os car by the time she is 8 or, it is going to go to the other way. >> and we have a great next week, carrie underwood and molly ringwald.
10:52 am
everybody.good morning, i'm brooke bouma.... the newton correctional facility is the new home for a sex offender treatment program. that means some of its inmates will be transferred out... to make room for 200 sex offenders from mount pleasant. a man is bng honored for his role in lifting people out of poverty... the world food prize was awarded to sir "fazle abed" at the iowa state capitol last night.he is the founder of brac.. which has lifted millions of people out of
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